Tea of the Week – Citron Green

Name: Citron Green

Type: Green

Region: Unknown

Bought At: Adagio

Price: 2$ for a 10 cup sample

First Impressions: Amazing sweet citrus smell


The second month of my tea reviews, February will be a month of green. To start out I decided on one of my all time favorites that I just got back in: Citron Green. The most amazing thing about this tea is by far its smell, probably the best smelling tea I have tried. Its taste follows up and doesn’t disappoint like last week’s Blood Orange. The delicate blend of the sweet citrus and the mellow green tea makes this taste just wonderful. It finishes off with just a hint of a smoky finish, leaving you with a very pleasant aftertaste, something a lot of teas lack. It also holds up well to multiple brewing, making it a great choice for mornings at the office. Overall, it’s my second favorite tea of all time. There’s just not too much more to say, except I think I’ll go make another cup.

My Rating:
4.5 / 5

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