Tea of the Week – Yunnan Golden Curls

Name: Yunnan Golden Curls

Type:  Black

Region:  Yunnan, China

Bought At:  Adagio.com

Price:  $29 for maestro sampler set (4 teas)

First Impressions:  Hay Smell, Softer leaves


First let me just say I was very excited to try the maestro collection, and my first tea, Yunnan Golden Curls, didn’t disappoint.  It is a black tea although the leaves were very light in color.  The “hay” smell that the raw tea gives off is totally different from the scents of the brewed tea.  Once brewed it has a wonderful nutty/smoky smell.  The taste was very good, a mellow black without almost no bitterness.  It has a smoothness that a lot of black teas are missing.  One note: I did prefer it with the shorter brew time of 3-4 minutes (The label says 3-5); when I let it go the full 5 minutes it did pick up a bit of a bitter over-brewed taste.  Overall, it was an interesting black and a good all around tea.  Can’t wait to try some more!

My Rating:
3.5 / 5

(Teageek.org Founder)

*Disclosure (AND Thanks!): This was part of a free sampler I got from Adagio to preview.

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