Tea of the Week – White Peony

Name: White Peony

Type:  White

Region:  Fujian province, China

Bought At:  Adagio.com

Price:  $2 for a five cup sample

First Impressions:  Large leaves, some covered in white but not all


The second white tea from my sampler, I thought this would be very similar to snowbud.  In some ways it was – light tones sweet smelling before brewed.  What surprised me is it isn’t sweet like snowbud.  Instead it has a not-quite-smoky flavor that reminded me more of green tea.  It definitely had a noticeable flavor to it, as opposed to some white teas that are so light they only hint at a flavor.  It is good, and the smokiness was a nice change up from the other white teas I have tried.

My Rating:
3 / 5

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