Fuding Mei Shou 2011 tea leaves

Fuding Shou Mei White – 2011

4 / 5

I’m reviewing in the afternoon because I prefer white tea around that time of day, this is a ripened puerh, but starting with “white” tea. The leaves are very flat and broken up, the same color as the raw puerh I had the other day, but definitely broken into smaller pieces. I expected the aging to give it more intensity than normal white tea but it tasted pretty similar. It was sweet, mellow, with just a hint of grassiness. It does have a really sweet aftertaste that was a bit unique and quite pleasant, probably my favorite thing about it.

Tea Leaves: Flat dry sweet smelling tea cakes
Region: Fuding, Fujian China
Brewing: 203 degrees for 2-5 minutes
Purchased: Teavivre–  $5.50 for 11 grams*

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