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Photo of me visiting Samovar Tea Lounge for the first time

“Tea is an act complete in its simplicity. When I drink tea, there is only me and the tea. The rest of the world dissolves. There are no worries about the future. No dwelling on past mistakes.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Tea has been a part of my life for a long time. It started in college as a healthier way to get my required caffeine. Coffee tasted terrible to me, so I tried drinking tea. I remember making my first Lipton green tea bag at my apartment and thinking, well, this isn’t going to work either. Later that week, a tech podcast I listened to had a loose-leaf tea company as one of their advertisers so I gave that a try and discovered how wide the world of tea was. Earl Grey, Ceylon, Assam, Oolong, there was always more tea to try. In 2009, I started this blog to keep track of what I had tried, what I liked, and help others find some good tea along the way.

It’s been a while since then. Around 2012, I fell away from blogging here, but not drinking tea mind you! I’ve continued to drink more and varied teas as time has passed; I even got one of my friends who mocked my “dirt-water” drinking several cups a day. Now, I’ve decided it’s time to start sharing again. Sharing teas I have liked, fun tea shops to visit, and some of the other interesting things I have learned along the way. Ideally, I can help someone else start to enjoy tea as much as I do.

If your interested in what I’ve been up to lately when I’m not drinking tea, you can follow along at brentswisher.com. If you want to chat you can reach me on twitter or good old fashion email.

-Brent Swisher

Header Photo Credit: Nashad Abdu

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