A New Year, A New Start

Seeing as this is my first post since August, you can probably guess that I missed the mark with my teageek.org resolution to blog about new teas and answering tea questions. Looking back,  I missed most of my 2011 intentions for this site by a pretty wide margin. Despite that, I think 2011 was a pretty good year for me, tea-wise.

I got to visit the Samovar Tea Lounge on a trip to San Francisco, and it was really awesome. Anyone in the San Francisco area should check it out. I love their tea and was totally geeked to get to visit them. I also started a new job, and while there were already some pretty solid tea drinkers here, I think I helped raise it’s popularity in the office a little.  Actually, judging by my co-workers yelling at me about their “tea bills” I would say it went a little too well.

One of the reasons I haven’t been posting is that it has become too much of a chore. Feeling guilty when I don’t feel like writing a post has made me never really want to post, which is ironically the opposite of what I was trying to accomplish with teageek.org. This year I am going to approach things a little differently. Rather then rapid fire reviews that I don’t really care about, I’m going to not set any goals, and just see where it goes. I want tea to be about taking a moment and enjoying life, not rushing frantically through it. I have plenty of goals and challenges planned for 2012, I don’t need to make enjoying tea one of them.

So, sit back, brew some tea, and enjoy!


New Year Resolutions

I started this blog about a year ago partially as a new year’s resolution.  Since it is another new year, I thought it fitting to set some new goals.  Originally I wasn’t sure what I would do, I thought about changing the focus of the site and stopping the weekly reviews entirely, but I really enjoy trying new tea, and it is a good way to make myself find different kinds.

Over Christmas vacation, my family learned about this blog, and I was surprised how many of them were interested in it.  Mostly they had questions about tea.   Does it have health benefits?  Which one has the most caffeine?  Do black and green tea really come from the same plant?  I realized that a lot of people are interested in tea, but don’t really know anything about it.  So, in the coming year I will be trying to answer one common question about tea a month.  If you have one you are interested in, leave it in the comments and I will try to answer it!

(Teageek.org Founder)