Tea of the Week – Dongshan Dolce

Name:  Dongshan Dolce

Type:  Green

Region:  Zhejiang, China

Bought At:  Adagio

Price:  $3 for a 10 cup sample

First Impressions:  Sweet grassy smell


The second of my new green teas is Dongshan Dolce from Adagio.  The tea leaves themselves have a sweet grassy smell that reminds me of alfalfa.  The tea itself is a mild green with a very mellow flavor.  Slightly sweet, it is a very smooth cup of tea.  It is a little “grassy” tasting, but not to the point that it is unpleasant at all.  Not a new favorite, but still a nice cup of tea, especially for true green tea lovers.

My Rating:

3.5 / 5

(TeaGeek.org Founder)

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