Tea of the Week – Irish Breakfast

Name:  Irish Breakfast

Type:  Black

Region:  Sri Lanka and India

Bought At:  Adagio.com

Price:  $2 for a 10-cup sample

First Impressions:  Strong, Dark


Since today was St Patty’s day I thought it would be fitting to try the Irish breakfast that I hadn’t had a chance to drink.  It was a good morning drink, a strong black tea, but not bitter.   Like it’s name it was a lot like the English Breakfast that I enjoy, but a little lighter.  Looked it up and found that it’s a blend of Ceylon from Sri Lanka and Assam from India.  I really liked it with a touch of milk, it smoothed it out nicely.  In the end I think I like English Breakfast a little better, but this would do in a pinch!

My Rating:
3 / 5

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