Tea of the Week – Yerba Mate

Name: Yerba Mate

Type: Herbal


Bought At: Adagio.com

Price: $2 for a ten cup sample

First Impressions: Leaves are more processed/chopped up.  Smells somewhat grassy, but earthy too.


I bought the Adagio Mate Sampler on a bit of a whim.  I’ve heard the name “yerba mate” tea a lot, but don’t know a lot about it.  It turns out mate is not true ‘tea’ at all, actually a herbal brew that originates from South America.  Having said that, I started with the one I had heard mentioned the most: Yerba Mate.   Once brewed the smell takes on a strong, almost bitter scent.  The flavor is interesting, stronger than most teas, but still pleasant.  It has very earthy flavors, but sets itself apart from black tea in that it finishes with a hint of mild sweetness.  Overall I liked it, and look forward to trying the rest of the mate samples.

My Rating:

3.5 / 5

(Teageek.org Founder)

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