Tea of the Week – Citrus Mate

Name: Citrus Mate

Type: Herbal

Region: Brazil

Bought At: Adagio.com

Price: $2 for a ten cup sample

First Impressions:Very sweet smelling, a variety of citrus flavors


My  first flavored “mate” tea, I had high expectations for Citrus Mate as citrus teas have typically been among my favorites(Citron Green).  having said that, I was a little disappointed in citrus mate.  It isn’t bad, but the citrus flavor is much weaker than expected.  The typical dark, earthy tones of mate are a little overpowering.  I guess it has more to do with my expectations, but it still just isn’t as good as I was expecting.  Having complained about that enough, it is a decent tea, especially if you are  a mate fan.  The citrus does take some of the edge off of the mate flavor, just not enough for me!

My Rating:

2.5 / 5

(Teageek.org Founder)

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