Tea of the Week – Green Tea Ginger Peach

Name: Green Tea Ginger Peach

Type: Green

Region: Yunnan, China

Bought At: The Seasoned Home

Price: $2.79 per ounce

First Impressions: Smells amazing


Another tea from The Seasoned Home, this flavored green is rapidly becoming one of my all time favorites.  The smell of the unbrewed tea  is absolutely amazing, sugary sweet, fruity, and just right.  Once brewed the ginger adds a hint of spiciness that smells awesome in its own right.  As far as flavor goes, it doesn’t disappoint.  The sweetness of the peach mixes with the ginger to make a really well balanced and pleasant cup.  It also has marigold blossoms and roman chamomile, whose floral flavors add to the sweetness.  A really good, sweet green that everyone should try!

My Rating:

4 / 5


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