Pu Erh Chorange

3 / 5

I like this tea because it is very…interesting. Dark, funky Pu Erh tea combined with a chocolate orange. That’s exactly what it tastes like. The chocolate and orange masks but doesn’t hide the trademark pungent smell of the tea. Flavor-wise, the orange and chocolate are really strong. Strong enough to overpower a normal tea, but the puerh holds up to it. The chocolate and the earthiness of the puerh play off each other well, and the orange lifts it up from being too heavy. Not something I would want to drink every day. Still, even after all the kinds of tea I’ve had, every time I drink it I think: “Hmm,  that’s different” (in a good way).

Tea Leaves: Earthy, chocolaty smell, with a hint of citrus.
Region: Unknown
Brewing: 212 degrees for 5 minutes
Purchased: Adagio –  $9 for 3oz*

*Prices are at time of review and may have changed.

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