Pu Erh Dante Tea Leaves

Pu Erh Dante

2.5 / 5

Whew, does this tea stink! Not in a figurative “I don’t like this” kind of way, but in a literal “That does not smell like tea” kind of way. This is the first Pu Erh I had and it turned me off to them for a while. It gained the nickname “Brent’s Stinky Tea” around the office because it can be smelled from a desk over. To be clear, I really like the taste, but the smell is hard to get used to. It’s not a terrible smell as much as a strong one. The closest thing I can think that it smells like is maybe wet hay? Obviously, this is what turns people off on the tea, and it’s really too bad. If you can get used to the smell, it has a unique, complex taste: earthy, woody, a little funky, with almost a hint of mushrooms. What I like most is that for all that flavor it is incredibly smooth, unlike a black tea which can start to get astringent when it has flavor is this strong. It is a shou tea. From the Pu-erh sampler I got from Adagio it is the most straightforward pu-erh tea in the lot. I like the blends that add things to offset the smell, but it’s nice to try it “straight” a few times to learn to appreciate it.

Tea Leaves: Earthy, sweet like cut hay until brewed
Region: Unknown
Brewing: 212 degrees for 5 minutes
Purchased: Adagio –  $9 for 3oz*

*Prices are at time of review and may have changed.

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