Tea of the Week – English Breakfast

Name: English Breakfast

Type: Black

Region: Anhui region of China

Bought At: Adagio.com

Price: $3 for a 10-cup sample

First Thoughts: Strong, Dark


While I normally enjoy lighter teas – green being my favorite, I decided to try some black teas this month and my first pick was adagio’s “English Breakfast.”  From first brew you can tell it is a strong black tea.  It had a very strong aroma – not sweet at all, but still pleasant.  It tasted a lot like what you would expect.  It isn’t sweet like the green teas I have tried, but it also didn’t have quite as much “bite” as some other black teas.  I found that I enjoyed it best as a pick me up in the morning.  I also really enjoyed it in the afternoon with just a little bit of milk and sugar.  The milk and sugar really ease out the last hint of bitterness and make for a really smooth cup.  It actually reminded me quite a bit of coffee, and might make for a good “transition tea” for anybody trying to switch.  One note: be careful when you brew it, even a little extra time can make it very bitter very fast.

My Rating: 3.5 / 5

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