Tea of the Week – Earl Grey Bravo

Name:  Earl Grey Bravo

Type:  Black

Region:  Yunnan region of China

Bought At:  Adagio.com

Price:  $2 for a 10 cup sample

First Impressions:  Strong Citrus Smell


Wow!  This was a lot better than I was expecting.  Maybe because of the poor reputation for tea and England in the States, I always thought that “Earl Grey” would be dull and bland.  How wrong I was!  The sweet citrus smell given off by the tea leads to an equally pleasing taste.  Definitely the most tasteful black tea of the Adagio sampler I have been going through.  I wish I could tell you how it tasted with a little milk and sugar, I enjoyed it so much plain that I didn’t want to try it!  Probably the Black tea I will be recommending to new tea drinkers, not once did I get even a hint of bitterness off it.

My Rating: 4/5

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