Photo of raw pu-erh leaves

Fengqing Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh

3 / 5

Prior to my stop at crimson teas a few weeks ago, I thought that all puerh tea was fermented. Turns out, there are two kinds, one fermented and one just packaged and aged. This is my first time trying the “raw” puerh and it was a lot different. It had been packaged in 2014 according to the bag it came in, so it had aged for a little over four years when I tried it. For one, the bad smell is gone, and it was less oxidized than I was expecting, more like a green or maybe Oolong tea than what I think of when I think of puerh. The leaves were an interesting texture, really large whole leaves that kind of unfurled as I drank the tea. the flavor was good, grassy, a little woody maybe like a really well-balanced cup of green tea.

Tea Leaves: Whole leaves visible, but some stuck together in clumps
Region: Fenqing, Yunnan China
Brewing: 203 degrees for 3-5 minutes
Purchased: Teavivre–  $2.50 for 16 grams (two samples)*

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